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By: latitudesolar | September 10, 2018

The solar collector acts as an engine of any solar water heater. A solar vacuum tube is the most efficient solar power production system; but was more costly than flat panel system. With the immense popularity of solar energy and modern manufacturing techniques, the solar vacuum tubes cost less while ensuring the greatest return on the investment.

Working principle of SunRain solar vacuum tube collector

The working principle of solar vacuum tube is simple. It works same like a coffee thermos. A solar tube comprises of two layers of glass with vacuum in between the layers. The outermost layer of the solar tube is actually the Borosilicate glass that has very iron content and allows around 98% energy to pass through. In fact the innermost layer has very special coatings applied to it.

The SunRain solar vacuum tube collector available at Latitude51 Solar uses a patented three layer process that ensures a coating to absorb enough solar energy while withstanding temperature up to 575F. This type of coating makes them superior to any solar collector available on the market. The selective coating convert short wave solar radiation into long wave heat radiation and is almost 94% efficient that means only 6% of the solar energy is lost.

The solar radiation absorbed by the solar collector is then transferred to a heat transfer fluid in the tube like the liquid inside the thermos. This liquid heats up quickly and emerges to the top. However, the potable water is heated within the vacuum tube in an open vacuum tube system. The presence of Thermosiphon makes the hot water to rise and be replaced by cold water. Then, the hot water is collected in the top chamber and pumped throughout the system.

The Efficiency of Heat Pipe Technology

Does the most efficient heat transfer technology available for solar system on the market currently? Instead of water flowing in the center of the vacuum tubes, a hollow copper tube is inserted along the length of the vacuum tube.

This tube contains a small amount of special liquid that works as a heat transfer medium. The hollow chamber is created under vacuum conditions that make the fluid to vaporize even ay lower temperatures (30C or 86F).

In fact, the vapour starts rising to a heat dissipater where it is cooled down to liquid. Generally, copper heat pipes are utilized as they can absorb and transfer heat effortlessly without losing any energy virtually.

However, the heat pipe technology ensures an indirect energy transfer to the hot water system. It’s commonly used in systems that need a heat exchanger like a close loop system. Any hot water system that is designed to work in freezing conditions will require using heat pipes as antifreeze should be utilized.

Therefore, the water should be separated from the heating system through a solar heat exchanger. After looking at all these things, it’s clear that heat pipe systems are more efficient than open vacuum tubes and come along with a significantly higher price with the additional copper materials.

Final Thought –

 Want to know more about solar vacuum tube collectors? It’s time to check out SunRain solar vacuum tube collectors at Latitude51 Solar and make a perfect selection. For immediate help, please  visit us.


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