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By: latitudesolar | November 28, 2017

Solar vacuum tube collectors are one of the latest solar hot water technologies that are believed to be a simple and efficient form of heat source. Compared to the conventional, the solar evacuated tube collector has become more and more popular, as it reduces the supply costs, delivers high performance, good for commercial applications and proves to be reliable in cold climates too. Solar evacuated or solar vacuum tube collector offers the optimum mix or thermal performance, assures quality and proves to be cost-effective, this makes it superior.

Here are some of the best reasons to buy a well-built and top quality solar vacuum tube collector:

 1. Deliver High Performance:

Solar evacuated or solar vacuum tube collector performs better...

By: latitudesolar | May 29, 2017

Installing a solar-powered panel for your home is the best way to save on the electricity expenditures and have access to the safe & clean power that we all wish for negligible environmental impact. Once you’ve learned how solar PV panels function, you’ll be well on your way of building & fitting your homemade solar-power unit.

A PV solar panel unit functions like other power generating unit, except it employs different tools than a typical power system. The particular components employed in a PV system encompass a DC-AC power inverter, system & battery controller, battery bank, and auxiliary energy supplies. Batteries are a crucial compound and are employed for storing power generated by the system throughout the day, and to su...

By: latitudesolar | June 23, 2016

The traditional water heaters have been substituted by solar water heaters in a majority of homes nowadays. There’re so many benefits of employing heaters driven by the sun. Let’s talk about a few:

Power independence:

Employing solar power can decrease your reliance on the utility, and also the fossil fuel firms that deliver it. In fact, it aids decrease the whole nation’s dependency on foreign power supplies. Solar is as dependable as obtaining your power from the utility. As long as the sun is there, you have got energy. A lot of individuals with solar hot water only require to utilize the utility for support, and many times not even that. Independence could be an extremely rewarding experience.

Ecological impact:

It’s a fact that the mai...